Product and Engineering Design

Working with a huge variety of customers over many years we have built up enormous experience of taking design concepts for industrial products and turning them into actual products that are commercial and practical.

Our approach is to understand the brief and produce a cost effective solution. We take an holistic approach our design process looking at all aspects of the product to arrive at the desired result.


We can start from the product concept in 2D and translate this in to a fully functioning 3D design.


Simulation and Modelling:

Using sophisticated CAD 3D modelling software like Solidworks® we can build and manipulate a product on screen. This process is infinitely flexible allowing changes and modifications to be made to the design without incurring the costs of constant prototyping.

Simulation and Modelling

Product Analysis:

Once the design is agreed, using specialist software, we can subject all parts of the design to analysis. We can test all aspects of its performance under real time conditions and identify any potential problems before any production is carried out. Again reducing costs and time from design to production.

Product Analysis

Prototyping and Testing:

We have the facilities to build most prototypes in our engineering workshop and then subject them to final testing and analysis before handing over the finished design to the client.

Prototyping and Testing

Production and Manufacturing Support:

When the product moves from design into production we can offer information for tooling and jigs, assembly and materials handling so that the production process runs a smoothly and efficiently as possible.